Firm Overview

Adam J. Conti, LLC is a law firm, organized as a limited liability company under the laws of the State of Georgia, with a practice limited to employment law and alternative dispute resolution.

Our firm is different from conventional law firms:

  • We practice law from the client’s perspective, not the lawyers. At the outset of the representation we identify the client’s objectives and work to achieve them in the most efficient and effective manner. We explain the process to our clients and objectively analyze the risks and costs they face.
  • We deal with clients in an honest, informal and straight-forward basis and always with dignity and respect – we have discarded the baggage and pomposity typically associated with legal representation.
  • Our firm is wed to contemporary technology – we use the latest technology to perform our services more efficiently and serve our clients more effectively.
  • We are direct and honest with our billings. We do not hide fees in charges for photocopying, long distance telephone services, fax charges, and markups for travel and other outside expenses. Clients are billed on an actual cost basis for expenses incurred and on a fee basis for legal services performed on their behalf. Our competitive hourly billing rates and our efficient operations typically result in lower total bills than other firms would charge for the same work.
  • Our practice is highly specialized. We limit our practice to employment law and ADR because that is what we know and what we do best. Within employment law we have several sub-specialties:
  • Federal Sector
  • Public Sector
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Litigation
  • Severance Negotiations
  • Employment Policy Formulation
  • Small Business Employment Law Representation
  • We represent both employees and employers – this provides us with a more comprehensive understanding of the employment relationship and enables us to identify and address the root causes of employment disputes. It also makes us stronger and more effective advocates for our clients’ interests because we understand how the opposing sides thinks and reacts.
  • We are highly creative in developing and implementing innovative resolutions to employment disputes. We have extensive experience in both employment litigation and resolution of workplace disputes.

Our firm is like other law firms:

  • Our sole business is practicing law – we are fully licensed to practice law, carry normal malpractice insurance and participate in the appropriate bar and professional organizations.
  • Our legal work is first quality – we take great pride in the quality of our legal work and in our capacity to use our legal knowledge and experience to structure creative and effective solutions to our clients’ legal problems.

Our Difference…

...we represent both employees and employers

...we practice law from the perspective of the client - not the lawyer

...we are straight forward and direct in our communications and dealings

...we are wed to contemporary technology

...we seek creative solutions

...we are very proficient litigators, when necessary

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