Employment Counseling

Sometimes all that a client needs is a professional assessment of a workplace issue and sound advice on how to respond. Our 30 years’ experience in understanding and resolving workplace problems, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of legal rights and experience in litigating employment claims, renders our firm exceptionally well qualified to assess and provide guidance for virtually any workplace issue. We understand the work environment and the complex organizational relationships that govern it. Our expertise in resolving workplace disputes through litigation or settlement further enhances our capacity to counsel employees and employers on any workplace issue. We have counselled numerous executives, professionals, and employees at all levels in responding to separation decisions, perceived discrimination, workplace bullying, compensation and other employment issues. We have also advised many employers on how to resolve potential or actual legal claims in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. We are delighted to review workplace issues and to provide sound and practical guidance on legal rights and how to respond. Adam J. Conti, LLC, provides employment counseling to both employees and employers on an hourly fee basis at the firm’s standard rates. It is a service we are delighted to provide.

Our Difference…

...we represent both employees and employers

...we practice law from the perspective of the client - not the lawyer

...we are straight forward and direct in our communications and dealings

...we are wed to contemporary technology

...we seek creative solutions

...we are very proficient litigators, when necessary

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